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It is hard to imagine a business—large or small, not having a website.  Yet a shocking number of teachers skip this fundamental aspect of marketing to new students and keeping existing students engaged.

Luckily, getting a website up and running is not nearly as hard as you might think, and the first step is finding some ‘online real estate’ at which you can host your website.

I recommend the following services to get yourself up and running quickly.

Ez Web Hosting

This affordable web host offers inexpensive web hosting and a number of tools to manage your website, analyze web traffic, set up email accounts and much more.  It is also WordPress friendly, which is the most important feature in a web hosting service.  In addition, their customer service and technical support is superior to most other hosting services.


If you need a website fast and want it to look professional, look no further than SquareSpace.  This service will have you up and running in no time and the site you create will be both professional and easy to create.  It will cost you a bit more than WordPress which is free, but if you are uncomfortable with technology, this service may well be your guardian angel.


This service will enable you to create forms for your website.  Create anything from a simple contact form to event registration forms and student feedback surveys.   The interface is easy and the finished product is professional looking.  Embedding forms into your website is effortless and the service easily integrates with a number of other online services such as Constant Contact.  Best of all, you can get their basic services for free or upgrade to a more comprehensive package if you need more advanced tools.


This free, open source software can be installed on your web host and used to manage your website.  There are thousands of templates, many of which are free.  In addition, there are plugins to make your site interactive with social networks, manage e-commerce, and just about everything else you can imagine.    There is a slight learning curve to get set up, but once you understand the web-based dashboard, you will be able to update your site as easily as composing a word processing document.   There are even iOS and Android apps for updating your site and blog on the road.  Ez Web Hosting even has a setup tool to install the free software with just a few clicks.  WordPress is used to host to help you get a feel for a WordPress site.